Gear Demos


Sadowsky Semi Hollow Guitar, DV Mark Little Jazz Amp, SM57, Motu Interface into Logic Pro, pure audio no post production. Recorded at Kempis House Studio Bornheim by Uli Brodersen, Camera by Uwe Müller


Fender American Standard Strat w/ Kloppmann 60`s Pickup Set, Tonehunter Clearwater Amp w/ Tonheunter Cabinet, TheGig Rig Pro 14 Switching System with Tonehunter Pedals and Boss Pedals modified by Tonehunter, recorded by Tobias Thiele


Sadowsky NYC Strat, Fender Bassmann 1992, Audio and Video recorded with a Panasonic Video Cam, no post production, Playback “City of Angels” by Uli Brodersen. Buy on Itunes


Gilmoure Strat, Tonehunter Clearwater, TheGigRig Pro 14, Boss and Tonehunter Pedals, Audio and Video recorded with a Panasonic Video Cam, no post production


Sadowsky NYC Strat, Polytone Minibrute 4 w/15″ Speaker, Boss RV3 Delay/Reverb, SM 57 into MOTU Interface, recorded w/Logic Audio 5, pure audio no post production


Fender American Standard 1994 Strat w/Kloppmann 60`s Set Pickups and Tonehunter Clearwater Amp. Boss CE Chorus w/Tonehunter Mod, recorded by Tobias Thiele