Philipp Rehm Live Band


In his live band, Philipp Rehm shares his vision of
instrumental songs, innovative grooves and energetic improvisations with Uli Brodersen (guitar), Michael Quast (keyboards) and german drum legend Ralf Gustke. Gustke not only played with famous artists like X. Naidoo, C. Khan or Wolf Mahn – with his groove and sound he is also one of the most sought-after-sessions and studio-drummers in the country and a hero for many drum-fans. Cologne-based guitarist Uli Brodersen published several solo-albums and could be heard with artists like Adrienne West, Joe Procaro and Debbie Sledge. His sound in this band is between contemporary jazz and afrobeat-riffs. Keyboardplayer Michael Quast toured with Paul Young, Nick Kershaw and the Mannheim based band „Die Popforscher“. All four a long year friends and played with each other in several
bands and projects.